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Fifteen reasons why writers and aspiring writers come from far and wide to join our informal fortnightly meetings

Dave-Pics-Feb-2009-019   Dave Robson, Pen and Ink Club founder and facilitator  


    1)    People come for the simple ENJOYMENT of hanging out with likeminded, creative people

2)  They value the FEEDBACK they get from other writers who share their values and aspirations

3)  They enjoy making new FRIENDS in an informal, non-threatening atmosphere

4)  They feel ENOURAGED, SUPPORTED and INSPIRED by discussions with fellow writers and would-be writers

5)  They get help in BREAKING THROUGH their blocks

6)  They always feel WELCOME, they never feel intimidated

7)  It DOESN'T MATTER what you write - it can be fiction or non-fiction, anything from a play or poetry to sales literature, a website or a blog

8)  They love the FREEDOM to talk about anything that's relevant to their writing

9)  Each member is encouraged to find and express his or her UNIQUE WRITERS' VOICE

10) It's great to SHARE the ups and downs of your writers' journey with others who understand

11) Very LOW COST of membership

12) Members can PUBLISH their own work on their own page on this website

13) Lunchtime meetings mean you get a wonderful, value-packed BREAK without using up too much of the working day

14) Our members find that the POSITIVE AMBIANCE greatly facilitates the creative process

15) When you're feeling down, discouraged and overwhelmed, our meetings are a great PICK YOU UP


But the biggest reason of all:

It doesn't matter where you are on your writers' journey, or even if you haven't started yet, you'll be welcome.


If you think you’d like to join us, or if you have any   questions, click here to e-mail us for more information

Our meetings for the next few months
are as follows:

30th. April 2013

14th. May

28th. May

11th. June

25th. June

9th. July

23rd. July - Closed for summer holidays

6th. August - Closed for summer holidays

20th. August - Re-open after holidays

All meetings start at 12.00 noon and end at approximately 2.30 p.m.

Membership is simple: you pay £10 per meeting (or £7 if you're on a low income). We meet in a cafe in North London, where optional refreshments are available. E-mail or 'phone for the address (the venue varies occasionally).

If you think you’d like to join us, or if you have any   questions, click here to e-mail us for more information

Whether you want to write for fun, to publish that unwritten novel you’ve had bubbling inside for years, or to create your own publicity material, blog or website, this writers community aims to give you the confidence you need to get cracking and to keep going.

Seasoned pro or absolute beginner, join us with an open mind and a willingness to participate and you will feel inspired and supported in the stimulating company of other aspiring writers.


Don't be shy, give us a try.
A warm welcome awaits you.

'Phone for details 0208 374 7911 or e-mail

If your're not sure how to start writing, or you want to improve your skills, don't feel intimidated - we're here to help you. Don't worry, sooner or later you're sure to get your turn to help one (or more) of us. 

The aims of the club
To encourage
and inspire you in the sheer enjoyment of expressing yourself though the written word, while improving your skills and gaining confidence.

Go to the next page, About us, to understand more of the writers community we are creating here in North London. It's an exciting project and you can be a part of it.


Each of our members has his or her own page on this website with regularly changing and evolving content. Click on members to find the author you want to read today, or click on index to find a subject you want to read about.


"There is nothing more valuable to a writer (or aspiring writer) than the feedback and inspiration of fellow writers."
                            Dave Robson, Author, Personal Coach and founder of the PIC


You too can join the Pen and Ink Club

For membership details click here         Click here to see schedule of forthcoming meetings

To contact us e-mail                          Telephone: 0208 374 7911

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